Jessica and I's trip to Vegas

Short Update

I am happy to say that Jessica and I are blessed with a baby girl! She is amazing and growing so fast. Her mom is great and I'm glad both of my girls are in good health and in my life.
Jessica and I's trip to Vegas


So everything is going great with my wife and baby on the way. I couldn't be happier. We find out the sex of the baby tomorrow and I'm full of all kinds of thoughts. I've never in my life been this happy. My entire family is excited and hearing all the planning for the shower and shopping is crazy. I'M GOING TO BE A DAD! Okay well I'm update as to if I'm going to be playing Barbies or playing football sometime tomorrow!

BTW... Jessica looks great she has not gained a pound not that it would matter she's so very pretty. She has lost weight which she finds funny since she can't wear her old pants. She is showing and we listen to our "pumkin" everyday with our home doppler. Every sign points to boy with old wives tales but she isn't saying which she thinks it is.